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The following is why there is value and makes good sense to have flues and venting systems attended to in the spring.

Consider This:

Click here for information on chimney caps

    Your sweep can schedule a second visit if he finds that your wood heating system needs additional servicing or some of the problems mentioned in this article requires his attention.

Deteriorating mortar and missing or broken bricks and missing, broken or cracked flue tiles should be replaced. A harmless looking hairline crack in a tile flue-liner will open up under high temperatures. Escaping heat and flame could set your house on fire! Click here for information on the dangers of a chimney fire.

This service will provide you with photos of damage or defects but there will be an extra charge for this and the report.

Damage from a chimney fire or the deterioration over the years may mandate that your flue needs to be completely relined. High quality flexible stainless steel liners are available for this purpose through your chimney sweep. Your professional sweep is trained in the necessary installation techniques.

In case of a chimney fire where the date and time of the fire was witnessed or the fire department was called and a chimney fire can be determined, your professional sweep can provide assistance with an inspection and condition report for the insurance company.

They are accustomed to supplying documentation of the damage, as well as estimates for rebuilding, repairing or relining a chimney.

They must turn away customers, or put them on hold. Don't let this happen to you call early and preferably in the spring to be safe and not disappointed.

An incorrect installation can be like time bomb, ticking away, threatening your home and family. The connector pipe may need to be replaced. Sections should be screwed together so they cannot rattle apart and spill burning creosote onto the floor if there is a chimney fire. Safety standards from the National Fire Protection Association require solid-fuel stoves and fireplace inserts to he properly connected to a stainless steel flueliner. An oversize chimney will not draw properly and is not legal for your insurance or the fire/building code; see information on the proper drawing of a chimney.

It will also need proper vent pipe installed, something service companies often neglect to do. A gas furnace should never vent into an unlined masonry chimney. Excessive moisture and acids in the flue gases can destroy it in a few short years. In addition, sluggish draft in an oversize flue can cause poisonous carbon monoxide fumes to spill into the house. The installation of a gas furnace should not he left to amateurs or to behind-the times professionals.

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